Alarming academic calendar, agenda and catalog

Fake diploma from the University of the People UoPeople

Since its inception, Shai Reshef's University of the People has had a very clear political agenda that is implemented through its academic calendar and catalog: making as much money as possible by selling questionable online degrees all over the world to aspiring illegal immigrants, chiefly from Africa, Asia, Central America and South America, who need to show some kind of US diploma or education level in order to apply for asylum, a visa, or even citizenship in the United States or Canada. This is why, on August 30, 2017, UoPeople stated that the offshore for-profit diploma mill, using a hidden PO box in California, "stands with undocumented students" (source: which is obviously illegal. "As President Trump may close the gates to 800,000 people, we will be opening our gates even wider", by selling a ridiculous "DEAC accredited" online degree for $5,600, which multiplied by 800,000 is almost 4.5 billion dollars. divides the paying illegal immigrants in cohorts, each of which has an "academic calendar" determining when the installments need to be paid.

By their own admission, the students have no documents or diplomas, which means that UoPeople is selling online degrees to anonymous people who don't have a high school diploma or an identity card. This definitely encourages illegal immigration and is not fair to honest students who completed a regular course of studies. Besides, UoPeople has no faculty, therefore students can also cheat in order to speed up the whole payment process and get a "US degree" soon. The academic catalog is just a fake list of professors, who have never taught at the non-existent University of the People in California. Fortunately, the well-known international credential evaluator WES (World Ecudation Services) does not recognize UoPeople degrees in the US or Canada. It goes without saying that UoPeople deceptively uses the word "refugees" instead of "illegal immigrants", thus failing to mention that refugee status has not been granted to these people. If really wanted to help them get an education and eliminate poverty, why does this for-profit Israeli diploma mill refuse to build schools wherever there are none, and refuse to let young students attend school in their own countries without forcing them to pay thousands of dollars in online "non-refundable administrative fees"? Selling questionable online degrees is completely useless, because the poorest people in the world do not have Internet access, and these online "degrees" are not even accredited in their African or Asian countries.

This is what UoPeople's 2023 agenda, calendar and catalog are all about. Once again, welcome to the "education revolution" and don't forget to start reading the UoPeople FAQ.

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