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Contact UoPeople

The real address of University of the People Ltd and University of the People Education Ltd is
30 HaMasger street
Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

(source: United States IRS, Internal Revenue Service)

See also the address on Google maps and Street view:

However, the flat is closed to the public and the company does not disclose a real Israeli telephone number.

We saw in the homepage that the company uses an American PO box and claims it to be an American University; all mail is actually processed in Israel or, more often, by remote workers in Nigeria, India etc. Also, the US telephone number is actually a virtual number with throwaway voicemails; therefore, it is completely useless to contact them by phone.

Before contacting us, please note the following:

  1. we cannot confirm receipt of letters or provide status updates due to the high volume of incoming mail;
  2. fake messages will be automatically discarded and will not receive a response.