Why these UoPeople FAQ

Fake diploma from the University of the People UoPeople

This website is the first real independent list of FAQ by a European academic organization about UoPeople aka University of the People and its international fraud scheme. Unfortunately, UoPeople quickly cloned our pages in 2017 and offered us money to shut down the project. Besides, Google LLC informed us that UoPeople asked them to delete the website. We are not surprised, because this is not the first time we have seen the notorious Israeli diploma mill steal content and reuse it for advertising purposes. UoPeople doesn't understand, or pretends not to understand, that a FAQ list should not be a way to spread spam and ads; on the contrary, it should be written by people that have no financial interests in UoPeople and are not paid by UoPeople. This is why our FAQ website doesn't have ads and doesn't even accept donations: our independence is of paramount importance. Unlike UoPeople.edu,

The FAQ list starts from the homepage. Enjoy!

University of the People also paid Forbes to censor this Forbes article (the link now redirects to forbes.com). Luckily, the article has been republished here: edtechchronicle.com/universityofthepeople/

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