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Ranking of University of the People UoPeople

UoPeople ranking: University of the People is the worst college

UoPeople 2023 ranking is the pits

Being a hidden PO box in California, University of the People is not considered a university by any respected international rankings: Times Higher Education World University Rankings, QS World University Rankings, Shanghai ranking and others decided to remove UoPeople.

Having said that, Webometrics.info is a Spanish website that evaluates universities starting from their website and counting how many external and internal links it has, also known as "web impact" factor. Since UoPeople is (only) a website, Webometrics decided to add University of the People to the ranking. Incidentally, some people believe that "counting links" is a very strange way to assess a university, but this is another story. Anyway, the result is that UoPeople's 2023 "excellence" score, 7206, is the lowest, or worst, in the world and therefore in America too. Don't let UoPeople reps and spammers fool you: its rank is not 7206 out of about 35000, which could seem a great result, especially for a diploma mill. In fact, 7206 — or a similar number that may change a little bit every six months — is the lowest score/position in the world, shared with all the other diploma mills and shady pseudo-schools.

On the other hand, UoPeople reps and spammers keep saying "no, it's not the worst score, because the list has 35000 schools in the US or in the world, so the worst rank should be 35000". However, many schools have the same score: therefore, after removing all the duplicates, we get about 7000 positions. UoPeople reps and spammers like to insult our intelligence but don't seem to be very good at math.

Unsurprisingly, UoPeople's "impact" is much better: 1187. As we have seen, this basically means the website is pretty good in terms of outbound and inbound links. Too bad the mechanism also rewards spammers, who can create thousands of links automatically and abusively. UoPeople does much better here: is it just a coincidence?

What is more, Webometrics maintains another ranking: Transparent ranking: Top universities by citations in top Google Scholar profiles. Since the University of the People has no professors, no researchers, no scholars, no faculty whatsoever, no academic papers and no publications, UoPeople.edu has been excluded from the ranking.

Some UoPeople reps and spammers aka "ambassadors" are gung-ho about mentioning UoPeople's page in Webometrics.info, but those scores actually mean that UoPeople has zero professors and zero cited academic papers (source: Webometrics' author/maintainer) which is why UoPeople is not on Webometrics' comprehensive ranking of universities, i.e. the "transparent ranking".

However, UoPeople constantly pays some commercial websites and PR services to "repair its reputation", so you are likely to come across tons of invented promotional articles, webpages, reviews and newsletters claiming that UoPeople.edu's ranking is outstanding, often written by robots: two examples are niche.com and trustpilot.com, but there are many more.

In any case, the concept of "UoPeople ranking" is nothing but a bunch of hot air, because the reality is that all the most important international rankings understandably refuse to take the University of the People into consideration. Simple as that!

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